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Introduction of Dental X-Ray Unit BLX-10 1


This operation instruction includes usage and technical content of portable x-ray system. In order to operate the machine and ensure the safety, it is used by the law qualified personnel.

a) Noitce

Consider the radiational danger for the patients and the users, please ensure the safety and comply with the content of instructions.

b) Introduction

This product is the equipment combined with the high frequency switch DC 70KV tube voltage and 1mA tube current X-ray, which can be taken a photograph in the arm or solid and can be used with digitized sensor and film x-ray system.

c) Product Feature

  1. The product is adopted by the micro-processor for processing the high-frequency switching start from little Ripple amount DC high voltage to draw stable x-ray output, thereby obtain high-resolution images.
  2. The machine takes advantage of stable high-efficiency DC high voltage and takes a photograph with small amount of X-ray, which reduces the X-ray irradiation dose for the patient and user.
  3. Multilayer X-ray shielding, give full consideration to the safety of users.

The Preservation and Delivery

After long time stop using the machine, removing the battery from the machine custody. (Or stop using for long time, it need to charge battery every 3 months.)

  1. Method of Preservation
  2. Please keep in the dry place.
  3. Please keep in places not affected by the negative effects of pressure, temperature, ventilation, sunlight, dust, salt, sulfur powder and air, etc.
  4. Please note that the security status caused by the tilt, vibration, shock.
  5. Please keep the place from chemical storage sites or dangerous gas explosion.
  6. In order to ensure the normal running, please note that maintain the temperature as follows:
  • The temperature and humidity range of custody: -5-40 ℃, ≤ 90%
  • The temperature and humidity range of usage :5-40 ° C, ≤ 80%

Product Parameters

a) The rated parameters of x-ray production device

   ◆Tube voltage: 70kv (fixed)
   ◆Tube current: 1MA (fixed)
   ◆High voltage generating circuit: High frequency switch
   ◆X-ray control method: Microprocessor control
   ◆Time setting range: 0.05-1.2 seconds
b) Weight: 1.95kg
c) Size: 215*140*160 mm
d) X-ray tubing
    ◆Type: bipolar fixed x-ray tube
    ◆X-ray tube Model: DG-073B-DC
    ◆The size of x-ray tube focal spot: 0.3*0.3mm
    ◆ANODE heating unit: 8.5Khu
    ◆Maximum tube voltage: 75Kv
    ◆Target angle: 21°
    ◆Total filtration: 1.6mmAL (Origin filtration: 0.8mmAL, Additional filtration: 1mmAL)
    ◆X-ray irradiation range: 73mm (roundness)
e) Useage voltage: battery DC16.8V
f) Charger: Input AC100-240V, Output: DC16.8V

Product Composition:

This product is composing of host and charger etc.


  1. Fixed tie                 
  2. Power soft-switching
  3. Subtraction adjustment
  4. Work start button
  5. Recharge Stand
  6. External start
  7. The main power switch
  8. Base
  9. The open of battery replacement
  10. Status display
  11. Battery charge
  12. Work time
  13. Units level degrees
  14. Teeth straight edge

Method of usage    

      1.Open the box and check the product for possible damage during shipping.

  1. Make sure the fittings on the encasement list are packaged within the box.
  2. Install the blue ray tube to the foreside of the ball head,then tighten it.
  3. Turn on the Power;the pilot lamp will be light up.
  4. Press on the button of power, then LCD display the “READY”. Now the equipment is in standby mode.(If there is abnormal, the LCD will show the “ERROR”)


  1. When the machine under the “READY”, press on the button, then it will show the falshing pictures of teeth. The LCD displays the pictures of sixe parts’ teeth in palate and mandible contains anteriors, canines and molars.
  1. During using the soft-switching, it can not change the setting procedure and need to use the main power to reset.
  2. After adjusting the model, press on the start key and begin to take a photo. (Notice: gently press 0.5 sec to turn it on)
  3. Turn the power  off when the work is finished,press POWER, making sure the pilot lamp is off.Don't keep the machine long in standby mode.

Developing the Dental film

  1. Picture the tooth following the right operating procedure of the X-ray Unit,then take the film out from the mouth.
  2. Use a syringe to extract 4-5 mi of imaging liquid.
  3. Transfuse the liquid into the bag,nip both the ends and the sides of the bag with thumbs and first fingers(knead the film).
  4. Open the end of the bag about ten minutes after transfusing the liquid into the bag.
  5. Take the film out,put it into clear water,and rinse it. Don't wipe the surface of the film with the surface to prevent damage to the image.
  6. Observe and diagnose after the film becomes dry.

Points for Attention

  1. Make sure the angle of film,tooth,and ball head are properly aligned when taking a picture. Keep them steady until the last step of picturing; making sure that there is no change in any of their positions.
  2. Remember to turn the power 0ff when work is done.
  3. The equipment should not be repeated taking photos within three minutes.
  4. The battery DC socket connected to the DC IN socket on the back of the machine, and confirmed that the back of the charging LED is red
  5. Battery charging will be used machine’s accessories dedicated charger.
  6. The battery is a consumable item, with the passage of time; the time of usage will be slowly reduced compared with the initial purchase. For safe use, it is recommended to replace the battery 2 years
  7. The battery is the high efficiency of the lithium-polymer battery. When charging for one time, X-ray may be irradiated more than 100 times.
  8. To reach accurate the amount of X-ray irradiation, it is recommended to use good sensitivity film and sensors which is level 4. According to the different requirments of manufacturing company, it requires the user to change the irradiation time
  9. 9.The equipment switches into protection mode automatically when the voltage is incorrect. If this occurs, it will not be able to carry out the normal work of filming.
  10. 10.Handle the ball head gently while in use,so as not to damage the delicate component.
  11. 11.If a situation occurs, preventing the machine from taking regular pictures, contact the seller to solve the problem instead of trying to service the product yourself.
  12. Keep the tooth film and the liquid in a proper place and use them within the shelf-life period.
  13. Other requests accordance with the scope of the technical parameters.
  14. Please read the manual carefully before using.
  • Yinzhong Xu

Reciprocating IPR System Manual 0

Reciprocating interproximal stripping contra angle

  1. Fits “E”type handpieces
  2. 4mm stroke
  3. Autoclavable
  4. Optimal torque
  5. Worm gear: 4:1 contra angle

Install the operating:

Contra angle






  • Carefully identify which teeth need to be treated with IPR.
  • Use dedicated contra angle handpiece or handle to reduce enamel.
  • Confirm reduce the size of enamel.
  • The teeth will be smooth and polished. Use partial fluoride treatment or daily use of fluoride to wash.


Several factors to consider whether to use IPR treatment:

  • The size and shape of the teeth.
  • The position and uniformity of the teeth.
  • The patient's facial features.
  • Eliminate the black triangle.


Maintenance and care:

  • Please check whether the appearance of the product is significantly deformed or affected by external forces, or additional foreign matter.
  • Must be sterilized in a high temperature and high pressure steam sterilizer for 15 minutes.
  • Install the stripin the correct direction on a contra angleor handle.
  • 4mm stroke
  • After work, clean and disinfect and store in a dry environment.
  • Handpiece need store in dry and clean place, temperature:-10℃~40℃, relative humidity less than 80%.


Packing list:

Engine use:

Automatic Strip 15 HD 2 pieces; 25 HD 2 pieces; 40 HD 2 pieces; 60 HD 2 pieces; 90 HD 2 pieces

150mm strip 2 pieces; gauge 1 set; unloading thimble 1 piece

4:1 contra angle 1 piece

Hand use:

Automatic Strip 15 HD 1 pieces; 25 HD 1 pieces; 40 HD 1 pieces; 60 HD 1 pieces; 90 HD 1 pieces

150mm strip 2 pieces; gauge 1 set; handle 1 piece.

  • Yinzhong Xu

Introduction of MANI DIA-BURS 0

Wide variety of diamond burs with a code indicating the shape of the bur.

Color Coding

Color code indication is provided at the end of working part ( ), according to the size ofdiamond grit conforming to the specification.


MANI coding system reflects shapes of burs. The contour and sizes could be imagined by MANI nomenclature since ISO numbers arealso indicated. ●TF/Taper Flat End ●TR/Taper Round End ●TC/Taper Conical End ●FO/Flame Ogival End ●SF/Straight Flat End ●SO/Straight Ogival End ●SR/Straight Round End ●RS/Rounded Shoulder ●EX/Special (Extra) Shape ●BR/Ball Round Type ●BC/Ball Collar Type ●DI/Double Inverted Cone ●SI/Single Inverted Cone ●WR/Wheel Round Edge ●CR/CR Inlay Preparation Dia-Burs ●CD/Children's Dentistry Dia-Burs ●S/Short Shank ●SS/Super Short Shank ●C/Coarse ●F/Fine ●EF/Extra Fine

High Quality Control

Laser measurement  cutting test and strength test for each lot are performed. All products comply with our own standards whichare far more strict than ISO standards.

Before using MANI DIA-BURS, please see the instruction as indicated below.

●For dental use only.●Non-sterile.●Insert the shank into the handpiece according to the instruction of the handpiece manufacturer.Insertion should be the full length.●Beforeuse, run the instruments to make sure there is no descentering. If the instruments become bent, be sure to remove them from anyfurther use.●Please always use spray. APlentiful water supply is necessary to maintain long-lived performance and also to prevent loading and pulpitis.●Handle with care not to put excessive load. Pressure should be20 to 50p for all instruments with diameter up to 023.●Use below max. allowable r.p.m. of each instrument, see chart above, to avoid a possibility of being injured due tobreakage.●Avoid levering, tilting, twisting and jamming motion. Do not work with a pulling motion.●Wear a safety glasses and/or facemask to protect from being injured.●Practicable for using auto-clave. Do not use high pressure steam sterilizer which heats more than 200°Cincluding drying process.●After using, follow appropriate treatment as themedical waste.

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