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Reciprocating IPR System Manual


Reciprocating interproximal stripping contra angle

  1. Fits “E”type handpieces
  2. 4mm stroke
  3. Autoclavable
  4. Optimal torque
  5. Worm gear: 4:1 contra angle

Install the operating:

Contra angle






  • Carefully identify which teeth need to be treated with IPR.
  • Use dedicated contra angle handpiece or handle to reduce enamel.
  • Confirm reduce the size of enamel.
  • The teeth will be smooth and polished. Use partial fluoride treatment or daily use of fluoride to wash.


Several factors to consider whether to use IPR treatment:

  • The size and shape of the teeth.
  • The position and uniformity of the teeth.
  • The patient's facial features.
  • Eliminate the black triangle.


Maintenance and care:

  • Please check whether the appearance of the product is significantly deformed or affected by external forces, or additional foreign matter.
  • Must be sterilized in a high temperature and high pressure steam sterilizer for 15 minutes.
  • Install the stripin the correct direction on a contra angleor handle.
  • 4mm stroke
  • After work, clean and disinfect and store in a dry environment.
  • Handpiece need store in dry and clean place, temperature:-10℃~40℃, relative humidity less than 80%.


Packing list:

Engine use:

Automatic Strip 15 HD 2 pieces; 25 HD 2 pieces; 40 HD 2 pieces; 60 HD 2 pieces; 90 HD 2 pieces

150mm strip 2 pieces; gauge 1 set; unloading thimble 1 piece

4:1 contra angle 1 piece

Hand use:

Automatic Strip 15 HD 1 pieces; 25 HD 1 pieces; 40 HD 1 pieces; 60 HD 1 pieces; 90 HD 1 pieces

150mm strip 2 pieces; gauge 1 set; handle 1 piece.

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